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Is It Time for Heat Pump Replacement in Americus, GA?

Heat Pump Replacement Options

No matter how well you care for your heat pump, you’ll eventually need to replace it. If you’re dealing with any of these problems, it’s time to start planning on having a new heat pump replacement installed in your Americus, GA, home:

Frequent Breakdowns

For you and your family to feel comfortable, you’ll need your heat pump to run at its best. Consider replacing a system that breaks down often to eliminate the interruptions to your family’s comfort and save on repair costs.

Running Constantly

A heat pump that runs constantly shows that it’s struggling to keep up with your indoor temperature needs. This will drive up your monthly energy bill and likely result in more frequent heat pump breakdowns.

Request a technician to inspect your system to determine why it’s running continuously. A minor underlying issue could cause this problem, or the system may have aged beyond its serviceable life.

High Energy Bills

Keeping a system that consumes too much energy is expensive. Modern HVAC systems come with energy-saving features, allowing you to save more on energy costs. If your old system’s poor energy efficiency has your monthly utility bills rising, consider installing a new heat pump replacement.

Unusual Sounds

A heat pump with multiple worn-out parts produces weird sounds, such as banging, shrieking, whistling and rattling, as it runs. The system makes these noises due to worn-out components or parts that have fallen out of place. If your system has multiple worn-out components, replacing the system may be more beneficial than replacing the components.

A new heat pump replacement allows your family to enjoy high levels of comfort and saves you on energy and repair costs. Call the heat pump service experts at Walker Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning whenever you need a new heat pump replacement in Americus, GA.

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