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4 Reasons to Have a Generator in Tifton, GA

Thinking About Buying a Backup Generator

Owning a backup generator is extremely helpful, especially when the electricity stops without warning due to storms or an event that causes grid failure. Even though procuring one incurs a significant expense, it has its benefits. The following are the most common benefits of having a backup generator for your Tifton, GA, home:


Owning a generator can enhance safety in the home. For those who use electric medical equipment, losing power isn’t only a nuisance; it can pose serious risks that can potentially be fatal.

Homes that have power during an outage will deter burglars from breaking in and committing theft. Even if you aren’t at home, your generator will still power up and make it seem as though you’re inside.

Decrease in Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Because the likelihood of theft significantly decreases when you have a generator, home insurers look upon this favorably. Ask about a premium decrease.

Preserving Food

When a power outage occurs, the risk of food spoilage increases. This is especially true if the outage lasts for several days. Having a backup generator will keep your refrigerator running and preserve your food.

Maintains Comfort and Productivity

Power outages can hinder comfort and productivity. Your HVAC system won’t be able to run, and you won’t be able to control the temperature in your home. You may not be able to charge your devices, negatively impacting your ability to work from home and access the internet.

A generator can help you and your family maintain comfort because your HVAC system can still run. This will also prevent you from experiencing extreme temperatures, which may be dangerous for your health.

If you don’t yet have a generator, it’s advantageous to explore procuring one for your home. Consult with our professionals at Walker Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning to choose a generator that works for you and your family.

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