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3 Reasons You Should Add Ductless Cooling to Your Home

Ductless Cooling

There are more ways for residents of Albany, GA, to stay cool than traditional HVAC systems. Ductless mini-splits provide an elegant, powerful and versatile alternative for those who are building a new home or who don’t currently have air ducts in their house. Keep reading to learn why you should think about getting a ductless cooling system.

Combined Cooling and Heating

Many mini-splits use a heat pump that connects to indoor air handlers in each conditioned space. This appliance uses refrigerant to transfer heat into and out of the home. This allows it to provide highly efficient heating and cooling using a limited amount of electricity without requiring ductwork.

Easy Maintenance

Ductless mini0splits are generally easier to care for than traditional central HVAC systems. Since they don’t use ductwork, there’s no need to worry about fixing air leaks, insulating the ducts, and cleaning dirt and debris out of them. Removing debris near the outside unit and replacing or cleaning the air filters in each of the system’s air handlers is simple.

Our technicians who maintain them appreciate their easy accessibility and uncomplicated design. We strongly recommend scheduling maintenance on your ductless mini-split at least once per year, though twice per year would be even better.

Zoned Temperature Control

Traditional HVAC systems tend to heat and cool your home in an across-the-board manner. They bring every room in your home to the same temperature.

With a ductless mini0split, however, you can divide your home into a number of different zones. Thanks to its air handlers, this system can generate different temperatures in each zone. That way, you can satisfy everyone in your household, even if they have conflicting preferences.

Ductless mini0splits can give homeowners in Albany, GA, options and peace of mind. Call Walker Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss ductless cooling today.

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